About Level up Spanish

Level up Spanish was created to teach the user Spanish tailored for their workplace. The goal of the app is to teach functionality, not fluency. By spending fifteen minutes per day for four-five weeks the user should have a strong enough grasp on the phrases they need to be able to communicate basic instructions to Spanish workers.

Spanish is by far the most common language in the United States after English. Our belief is that if your company has even one employee or contractor who speaks Spanish as their primary language, then you should have at least a couple employees on your team who can communicate basic instructions to them in their native language.

The Team

David Jaenike is a Safety Professional with 10 years experience working in the EHS field. Most recently known for creating the Health and Safety online community Safety Knights. David built Level up Spanish as a response to the lack of Spanish learning platforms on the market designed to teach the user Spanish they can use in the workplace. After several failed attempts of using some of the more popular Spanish learning apps, David decided build one from scratch to suit his needs.